"Valkyrie" Belt Sander Wows Crowd at Second National BSRA Race in Las Vegas July 16th 2009

I'll post a few more pics and videos shortly, but I just have to share this one. The chrome sander in these pictures is called Valkyrie, and it’s the offspring of Scott Rhodes or Rhodes and Rhodes Millwork in New Jersey.

The skeletal sander featured a Porter-Cable 690 router motor as its power plant, and despite its visual impact it didn’t quite have the stuff on the raceway.

Scott’s design did net him the Judge's Choice trophy for its engineering, and he tipped his hand a bit when he said that he has a back-up design that features a 3hp router under the hood!
We look forward to seeing him rip-up tracks in the future. Nice work Scott!

Click the pics to Biggie-Size them.

Here's the view from the finish line. Looks much more decisive from there than from the starting line.

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