Ellie Bird Wins the 2009 BSRA Nationals Stock Sander, and rubs it in my face!

On Friday morning July 17th 2009 I drag myself into the Häfele America Co. booth only to find my competitor, Ellie Bird from Fastcap standing in front of her trophy on MY workbench! Next to Ellie is Häfele’s own Skye Russell, who was Ellie’s wingman during the race.

In Ellie’s heat against my stock sander we both had our best run of the day and she still beat me; so props to her and to her pit crew back at Fastcap.

The bottom picture is Ellie talkin' smack at the starting line. It's important to note that it's not bragging if you can actually do it!

FYI, the little fellow on top of Ellie’s sander is none other than Paul Akers, owner chief cheerleader of Fastcap.

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