We Swept The 2013 BSRA National Championships!

I have to admit that this was more than I could have dreamed, but we won in both the Stock and the Modified class at the 2013 BSRA National Championship race at the AWFS show in Las Vegas! 

The top photo at right show the very last heat where we won against the incredibly fast sander from Western Dovetail.   It's a perfect example of where these races are won and lost; which is at the starting line.  Somehow I was able to get the jump on my buddy Max Hunter, and he assures me that it won't happen again! 

The next photo is of my buddy Daniel "Cuz" Tripp with the Stock Sander Trophy and me with the Modified Sander Trophy.

Next we have an awkward photo of be with a couple of the "Umbrella Girls".  The one picture that I don't have yet is the grand prize that is shown on the large sign to our left.  It's a neat auto-measuring stop for chopsaws and radial arm saws called a Tiger Stop.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to win it.

Next is a shot of our trophy in our booth at the show, as well as the perpetual Champion's Trophy that will feature our names along with past and future champions. 
 Finally is a shot of Cuz and our buddy "Brisco", who was Daniel's wing man and who is claiming to be our team coach.  He said "I''m not saying that they won because of me, but this is the first year that they've won".  Brisco, you are a special man.

I don't have any video from the race itself, but will add some if they surface on Youtube. 

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