Moovit Belt Sander Gets a Last Minute Modification

As I mentioned in a prior post, following a trial run on the morning of the race we took our two sanders back to our booth in an effort to lighten them up a bit. If you compare the photo at right with toe one in the prior post you can see where the side of the sander body has been modified. The body was shortened by 2", and the side was shortened to eliminate the front bottom roller.

The bottom photo shows the results mid-race, as our sander jumps the stop at the end of the track moments before our opponent reaches the stop.

While not as dramatic as the "flight of the sander in 2007, this happened to many of the sanders and clearly indicates that Accuride needs to improve this portion of their track. As I mentioned before, the sander with two track records was knocked-out of the running after crashing to the floor after the stop failed to contain the sander. Perhaps a simple polycarbonate box over the stop?

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