Here's a view of the bottom of the racer's "Body"

The built of the body went so fast that I forgot to snap photos! Here’s a good picture for any of you who want to know more about how you can build your own racing sander. From this view you can see the rollers that are mounted to the bottom of the "body" which helped to keep the sander centered in the track. Several sanders at the BSRA race at the AWFS show simply ran their sanders down the track with only drive train modifications. Their sanders may have been fast, but they bounced from one side of the track to the other the entire length of the race, loosing momentum with every bump. The rollers I used are part of a very simple sliding door system from Häfele, part # 404.32.951 and were quickly screwed to the bottom of the body. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. Daniel and I took a hacksaw to them to remove a couple superfluous metal thingies, but other than that it was a simple solution.

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Belt Sander Racer Takes Flight at BSRA Race at '07 AWFS